Saturday, February 9, 2008

DIM SUM FOR EVERYONE! (Genre: Picture books/module 2)

Bibliographic Information:

Title: Dim Sum For Everyone!

Author: Grace Lin

Illustrator: Grace Lin

Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: January 2003


In this charming story, a young girl and her family go to a local restaurant to sample the dim sum. Dim sum literally translated to English means "little heart" or a "touches the heart" but in this playful romp through the various dishes, it means tasty meal for a little girl and her family. Each member of the family has a different favorite dish and the reader is introduced to each character and his or her palate, culminating in the family feast to be shared by all. The illustrations and simple text make this book a wonderful read aloud. Lin's use of color as well as her nod to her native culture interest even the youngest of readers. The end of the book carries notes regarding the history of dim sum and traditions within Asian eating, but the endpapers are truly a masterpiece. Each set of endpapers includes illustrations and labels for the various dim sum dishes. And like most Chinese meals, this book once read will leave you satisfied but wanting to read it again in another hour!

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