Friday, April 25, 2008

ZOOBOOKS! Lions (Genre: Informational/module 8)

Bibliographic Information
Title: Zoobooks: Lions
Author: John Bonnett Wexo
Illustrator: Richard Orr (paintings)
Publisher: Zoobooks/Wildlife Education, Ltd.
Publication Date: March 2008
ISSN: 0737-9005

Full of color photographs, paintings, and other graphic illustrations, this periodical walks the reader through the life and habitats of lions. Part of the popular Zoobooks! series that features various animals inspired by the author's trips to local zoological gardens, this issue highlights many access features including illustrations, photographs with captions, diagrams (cutaways and cross-sections), sidebars and inserts, author and illustrator notes, and photo credits. Each periodical includes an activities insert that focuses on vocabulary development, aristic and creative activities, parental involvement activities, facts, and questions. These periodicals also include teacher lesson guides and activities available at their thematic curriculum link.

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