Sunday, March 23, 2008

THE WRIGHT 3 (Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction/module 5)

This is a sequel to Chasing Vermeer and features characters Calder and Petra and the addition of Calder's friend Tommy, who moved away a year before, and who is jealous of Calder and Petra as they received recognition for saving the Vermeer. Tommy feels that he deserves something, as he is the "expert finder." On Tommy's first day of class, their teacher announces that the world-famous Robie House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is scheduled for demolition. The class takes a field trip to the house, and both Calder and Petra discover that there are many secrets concerning the building that they were not aware of. The trio, who call themselves the Wright 3, work to save the house.. Tommy finds a fish talisman in the Robie House garden and realizes it was worth a lot of money. Finally, after saving their own lives, they manage to save that of the house. As in Chasing Vermeer, the illustrations in this book help to give young readers something to look for, in this case a fish. As with much contemporary realistic fiction, this book deals with peer situations that will appeal to young adult readers and who can connect with characters of Calder, Petra, and Tommy who are social outcasts.

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